Healthy Sleep for your Family!

A bespoke approach to sleep, with a strong focus on emotional wellness.


The Tools & Support to Help Your Family Sleep Better!

When one person in your family isn’t sleeping well, it affects your entire family, but it doesn’t need to be this way.

I’d love to help your little one learn to love to sleep!



The unique Sleepy Lambs approach is holistic, taking into account age, sleep challenge, health, temperament, goals, lifestyle, and parenting preferences.


Sleep Package Options

Every family is different. I offer a variety of sleep support options to suit your family’s needs.


Emotional Wellness

Emotional wellness is an essential part of healthy sleep. It’s a strong focus with every family I support, because a strong connection makes a difference.


Support at Every Step

Every little one and family is different. I support you every step of the way with ongoing feedback and calls to discuss next steps.


Sleep Science

Sleep can be very counterintuitive. A strong understanding of sleep science allows me the ability to suggest bespoke solutions for your family.


Your Family, Your Choices

Supporting your parenting preferences is important. I’ll explain the pros and cons of any approach, and as parents, you make the decision that works best for your family.

See Katie’s Support Options

Support Packages

Individual support packages for either 3, 4 or 6 weeks. During our time together, I will create a bespoke sleep plan for your little one taking into account their specific sleep challenge  and your unique family situation. You receive ongoing support throughout our time together so I will be with you every step of the way.

3-Week Support

Provides support for little ones that need a little bit of extra help with sleep, perhaps in terms of getting into a more effective routine, or with a more straightforward sleep challenge. 

4-Week Support

Our most popular package, for little ones with more than one sleep challenge, or for families that are looking for that little bit longer support. 

6-Week Support

Great value support for little ones with more complex or multiple sleep challenges, or families that are looking for a longer or more gradual period of support 

Hybrid Support

This option provides a way to obtain additional personalised support to complement your access to the online Sleepy Lambs Academy 

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Katie listened to us and took on board everything we said. She suggested methods that would work well with our daughter’s personality. The whole process was very stress free for both parents and child. I really liked that Katie gave us different options and supported us in whatever we chose to do. My daughter will now go to sleep without me having to sit in bed with her for up to 45 minutes every night.

Healthy Sleep is my Passion!

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