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Frequently Asked Questions

Please check below for our most Frequently Asked Questions.

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Do you provide a money-back guarantee?

When dealing with people, anything can happen during the period of support. For children with more complex or multiple challenges, it may take some time to implement the changes and see an improvement. As a result, I cannot guarantee that your child will be sleeping through the night within the period of support. What I can guarantee though, is that I will do my very best to come up with a bespoke plan to help you and your family with the challenges that you are facing, that, if followed in the way described, will provide you with the framework for improvements.

What is the best age for my child to be in order to use your services?

I support families with children from newborns right up to starting school (5/ 6 years old). Any interventions will be holistic, age-appropriate and specific, based on sleep science and emotional wellbeing. 

What is involved from my side?

I need you, and your family, to be ready to make the changes that are needed to improve the challenges that are in front of you. During the period of support, sleep is tracked on a daily basis via an app, and your commitment to ensuring this is updated is really important so that I can have visibility of what is going on. Being open and honest about what has gone on in the past, together with being committed to making the changes required, is what I will need from you.

My toddler has never slept well, will you really be able to help?

Yes. By understanding the background and history of your child’s sleep challenges we will work together to identify the causes. From there, we can come up with a plan together for the future.

What are your prices?

Please visit my services page to find out more. If you have something else in mind that isn’t listed, get in touch and we can discuss.

What methods do you use?

There are a number of methods available to use, which will be tailored to you, what you are comfortable with, and your goals for your child’s sleep. I will not suggest any methods that you don’t feel happy using, as this would be counterproductive. By taking the time to get to know you and your family, we will be able to work together to find the best possible solution and method for you and your child.

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